terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

When booking an appointment, we will assume that you understand the following terms and conditions and you agree with it.

We ask you to shower before the massage if possible. You also have the opportunity on the spot. A massage with a full stomach or under the influence of alcohol is not recommended.

Our service is designed for persons of legal age, and includes serious applications that are used solely for wellbeing. We point out that we do not offer sexual services. You remain passive in the treatment and enjoy. The massages are oriented according to the classical principles of Far Eastern art of healing to the energy centers and pathways of the human body. When activating the chakras all body parts are included. Your consent is mandatory. Please clarify details when making an appointment, but not later than at the beginning of treatment, since the treatment cycle is set on it.

We do not provide medical treatment which is left only to health professionals. There are neither diagnoses made nor symptoms treated. Our applications do not represent medical care in terms of the benefit catalogs of the national or private health insurances and financial aid authorities and they are therefore not paid by those institutions nor subsidized. If you suffer from any health problems requiring treatment, please consult first your doctor, non-medical practitioner or therapist.

Applications are only carried out on healthy body. You agree in your own interest to inform about any pre-existing illness, for instance skin diseases, fever, problems with your heart or circulatory, STDs, inflammation in the body, haemophilia or treatment with blood-thinning agents, osteoporosis, serious mental disorders, epilepsy, varicose veins, thrombophilia, recent operations, embolism, cancer, infectious diseases, slipped disk, open wounds or allergic reactions, diseases of the skeleton etc. You have to inform us about an existing pregnancy too.

It must be waived a treatment in some acute diseases, in others, treatment is adjusted accordingly.

Participation in the massage is done at your own responsibility. If health problems occur during treatment, you agree to tell us about it immediately.

Insofar consequential damages occur despite expert application, those can be attributed to the fact that you have not named exclusion reasons, we are exempt from any liability. The same applies to damage caused by the fact that you have not known the exclusion reason yourself and it was not recognizable.


You can come to us at any time. However, to make sure that we got time for you, it is better to make an appointment.

Please inform us in case of a short-term prevention. A late arrival to the agreed appointment can sometimes lead to that the massage needs to be shortened for the sake of the next customer or moved.

For a for your part desired reduction of the treatment during the appointment cannot be granted discount. You have to pay the full price for the agreed massage.

Prices / Validity

Always the current price list is effective. The most recent price list gets invalid with the publication of the new valid.

The value of vouchers is valid for 6 months after the price adjustment. After that, the card amount will be deducted from the current price.

We reserve the right to make changes to special offers and loyalty programs as well as their termination without notice. Participation in loyalty programs causes no legal claim.

With us only cash or redemption of a coupon are possible! Please bring exactly the agreed amount or the voucher. There are ATMs located in the immediate vicinity.


All contents of a treatment are subject to data protection and will be treated as strictly confidential, unless a life or its integrity is in danger.

Likewise, your phone number will not be disclosed to third parties and we will call only with your consent in certain cases, for example, for confirmation of the appointment or to cancel.

For the exchange of information via email I do not take liability. When using electronic mail unauthorized people can read along. Thus, the data protection cannot be guaranteed for my part. Also, your e-mail could be lost in the Internet or be misdirected.

We expect discretion from you too. Detailed reports on massage sessions have, for example, no place in the Internet.

Injuries / Accidents

We accept no liability for any injuries or accidents that you might suffer in the treatment rooms. It is your responsibility to be careful when using the rooms and sanitary facilities, especially with oily feet.

We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions.

Effective date: December 1st 2012